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Money with less stress and more success 

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You have dreams of being debt-free and a vision of financial freedom. So, how can you feel confident that your money is on the right track to meeting your goals?

You need a plan.


Think of it this way: 

When you’re cooking, you wouldn’t  just throw ingredients into a pot and hope it turns out exactly how you want it to taste. To get your desired taste, you need a recipe to follow. 

When it comes to achieving your money goals, your financial plan IS that recipe, and the Financial Wellness Workshop is going to help you create it. If your only strategy up to now has been to track your account balances, this workshop is going to give your money direction and set you up with the foundation for financial freedom.

Since creating a financial plan is only part of the solution, the Financial Wellness Workshop takes a holistic approach to money management. The truth is you don’t just get better with money by learning about it. Before you can change your habits, you need to understand your relationship with money. This workshop helps you address your past money experiences and reset your core beliefs so you can make better financial decisions.


Who should take this workshop?

  • You’ve been saving and paying off debt, but you don’t have a financial plan.

  • You hope to retire comfortably one day, but you don’t know how much money you’ll need. 

  • You want to develop healthy, sustainable money habits that help you spend your money intentionally, and save with purpose. 

  • You’re prepared to explore your relationship with money and reset your core beliefs around money.

  • You want to stress less about having enough money for yourself, your family and your future. 

  • You’re ready to take control of your finances and stop avoiding them.


Stressing about money is no way to live.

That's why we focus on your financial wellness

Simply put, financial wellness is about feeling confident and secure in your finances so you can enjoy your life and spend less time worrying about money. It’s important to point out that you don’t need to be wealthy—what it comes down to is being able to effectively manage your money to meet your needs.


Breaking down financial wellness:

  • Adopting a positive money mindset 

  • Having control over day-to-day finances 

  • Having the ability to control financial shock

  • Making progress towards financial goals

  • Working towards financial freedom

You need to know that financial freedom is possible for you

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The Financial Wellness Workshop was designed to get you on track to achieving your financial goals. After taking the workshop…

  • You’ll have a financial plan...

...that aligns with your values and goals as well as the strategies to maintain it in the future. Think of your financial plan as a vision board—but with numbers. You’ll also have a solid understanding of your current financial situation, what you need for retirement and how to save for it. 


  • You’ll create healthier financial habits...

...having healed your toxic beliefs and patterns around money. By developing a heightened consciousness of your relationship with money, you’ll be able to reset your beliefs and behaviours. Say goodbye to expenses that no longer serve you and watch your debt go down and your savings grow.


  • Your quality of life will improve...

...because you’ll be reducing your stress around money and fostering financial wellness. You’ll be managing your money confidently using practical tools and strategies. Knowing more about personal finance will empower you to make better financial decisions.

I need this


Over 4 weeks, you’re empowered with knowledge, tools and strategies to help you improve your relationship with money and create a long-term financial plan. While the topic of money can feel taboo, this will be a safe space for you to learn and talk about money.


Week 1:

Root cause analysis: what is my relationship with money?

This week we explore how our upbringing and past have shaped our views and behaviours towards money. In reflecting on our previous experiences, we uncover the connections between our past and our current financial situation, creating more consciousness around our relationship with money.

Week 3:

Financial goal setting and savings

Having a purpose for your money and setting clear financial goals is the first step in creating your financial plan. This week, we focus on making the link between our dreams and financial goals, and you learn about the S.M.A.R.T goals framework. We also take the guesswork out of saving for retirement by examining exactly what you need and making sense of the various tax shelter strategies (RRSPs, TSFAs and RESPs explained!).

Week 2:

Building Resiliency

Why do we get out of control with our spending? Why do we continue to build debt? This week, we bridge the gap between our brain and money. We learn tools and strategies that help identify our triggers, so we can begin to rewire our brain. Once we reset, we’re able to develop new habits and beliefs around money that will ultimately improve our financial situation.

Week 4:

Creating a financial plan

Wish that budgeting could be easier? This week we explore a simpler way of allocating our money between living and saving. You apply what you've learned and work through our financial plan template to build your personal, long-term financial plan. You also learn strategies for maintaining your financial plan in the future. 

Ready to take control of your finances?

when it comes to learning about money you want to trust a professional and keep it simple

Hi, I’m Taheera—a CPA and the founder of TULA Accounting Consulting. I’m also an expert at simplifying personal finances and financial planning.

I understand that finances and numbers can be intimidating for people who don’t have a business degree. So, after a decade of working in corporate accounting and finance, I started TULA Accounting Consulting to help business owners and entrepreneurs improve their profitability as well as maximize their shareholder wealth.


From my daily interactions with clients and friends, I began to see the need for women to get support in improving their own personal finances and relationship with money. My motivation behind creating the Financial Wellness Finance Workshop was to help others remove feelings of guilt and shame around money, and give them the tools to be in control of their finances. I believe that we can all have the things that really matter to us if we bring awareness to our values, put a plan in place and get disciplined about blocking the outside noise around us.


Want to know what it's like to get my help

with your finances?


“I left my corporate job two years ago to start my own business. This was a big step for me and was scary to do so, especially around the financial changes that this brings, and the organization needed to be an entrepreneur. Taheera was my life line in helping me get set up with the financial planning and organization not only for my business, but also in my personal life. She even made it fun to learn more about managing my finances and helped empower me to make good life and business decisions with my money without feeling restricted or overwhelmed. On top of feeling super confident in her expertise, she is so kind, caring and accessible to support me when I need business advice.”

- Caitlin Powell-Bowman, Founder, Sparka Inc.