A monthly meetup for YOU

to own  your business finances 

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Focus on your Finances

As an entrepreneur your business is always evolving.


You are constantly pivoting, changing your products/services, and spending more money in hopes that your investments and efforts will pay off.

But how often do you look over your financials?

Do you wonder how much you are making, and if you could do better?

Cue, The Money Club.

I have designed a monthly program that will teach you everything you need to know to manage your business finances, AND gives you the space to do the work regularly.

"If you stay on top of your finances and work with a professional, I'm confident your business will become more profitable."

How does it work?

You attend a live session once a month  (two hours, via zoom)

We spend the first hour learning a concept relevant for business owners to manage their finances. Some examples of topics include: Creating a business financial plan, analyzing business expenses, how to read financial statements, tax strategies for entrepreneurs and how to raise financing. 

The second hour will be a working session where you have dedicated time to focus on your finances. You can use this time to update your bookkeeping, or and to review your own financial reports. During this hour, I am available to answer any questions.




How it works

  • We meet for two hours each month

  • Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 11AM CST 

  • Participate online via zoom

  • The live group format helps keep you accountable


What you get

  • Accountability to look at your finances each month

  • Summary fact sheet of the topic covered each month

  • Access to a CPA for all money and finance related questions 

  • Group messaging via Slack

  • Community of supportive business owners

  • The confidence and skills required to master your business finances


  • $50 / month

  • Minimum 6-month commitment is required

  • show up every month, no excuses. 

Ready to take control of your finances?

when it comes to learning about money you want to trust a professional and keep it simple

Hi, I’m Taheera—a CPA and the founder of TULA Accounting Consulting. I’m also an expert at simplifying money and finances.

I understand that finances and numbers can be intimidating for people who don’t have a business degree. So, after a decade of working in corporate accounting and finance, I started TULA Accounting Consulting to help business owners and entrepreneurs improve their profitability and maximize their shareholder wealth.


Money Club Reviews

Daria Malin, Boost Strategic Coaching

"I LOVE Money Club!  It allows me time each month to deep-dive into our business finances with Taheera's expertise and feedback.  I'm being more proactive and making business decisions with a much clearer lens."


Tula (तुला):  An ancient Sanskrit word. Tula refers to balance, scale, likeness, equal measure or weight.

Tula is the operating name for Taheera Fidaali, CPA, Prof. Corp.

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