Feeling overwhelmed with your business finances? Join the club.

Ever since I started The Money Club a year ago, I’ve received a ton of questions and feedback from business owners who were interested in joining, so I wanted to clear up a few things.

Occasionally I’ll hear from people who think they’re not “ready” or “smart enough” for The Money Club. They’re hesitant to join because they feel like they don’t know enough about money or don’t have a good handle on it. The reality is that the business owners who join The Money Club are generally all in the same boat. They’re drowning in receipts and struggling to keep track of their income and expenses. They’re unclear on how profitable their business is and want to be better informed so they can make the right call when it comes to financial decisions. They feel overwhelmed whenever tax season rolls around (obviously!) They’re confused about what parts of their business they should invest in or how to get financing. You see, you don’t need to be money savvy to join or have your finances ready in order. That’s what the club is for! You’ll be joining a small community of business owners supporting one another as they work to make sense and take control of their business finances—without judgement. If you want to feel less stressed about money and more focused and empowered to improve your business finances then The Money Club is for you.

Your questions… answered

1. What exactly is The Money Club, and how does it work?

It’s a program designed for business owners with monthly meetups to teach you everything you need to know about managing the money side of your business. Every second Thursday of the month, we’ll meet virtually for two hours. One hour will be spent learning a new $ topic and the second hour will be a working session—time specifically carved out for you to take care of your business finances. You’ll also get direct access to a CPA (me!) for any of your financial questions. So, what do you get out of it? Accountability, time, knowledge, tools and support to stay on top of your business finances. 2. Who is it for? The Money Club is for business owners who want to consistently manage their finances and increase their profitability. Previous members have included entrepreneurs from different industries, like healthcare, wellness, real estate, marketing as well as service providers, consultants and creatives. Business owners who are just starting out are welcome, but it’s ideal for those who have been operating for more than a year.

3. What are some topics you’ll cover? Here’s a peek at what you can expect to learn:

  • My relationship with money and my money blocks

  • Bookkeeping and hiring a bookkeeper

  • Taxes for your business

  • Financial statements 101

  • Cash forecasting

  • Financial Planning

4. What if I can’t make one of the scheduled meetups?

I get that the demands of family life and running your own business can sometimes get in the way, so I’ll be uploading each Zoom recording for you to access on your own time if you need to. I recommend you set aside two hours in your calendar to make sure you can work on your business finances every month.

5. What’s the investment?

Your membership is $50/month with a 6-month commitment. I’ve set up The Money Club as a full-year program, but at a minimum, ask that you stay for six months (though I have a feeling you’ll want to stay longer.) Showing up and doing the work for your business every month is going to help you get the most out of the club!

6. What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing! Just be ready with something related to your business finances you can work on during the last hour of each meetup. It could be updating your bookkeeping, sending information to your bookkepers, or reviewing reports from your bookkeeper or bookkeeping software.

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